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The Global Group of companies that Orion is partnered with, has, for the past decade, seen phenomenal growth in the Oils and Metals Sectors and has been providing a highly streamlined & competitive service to these industries. Orion was formed in 2021, on the back of the growing demand to service the Australasian markets for oil and metals and is strongly positioned in these sectors, expanding into several locations since inception.  
Our key business values incorporate the achievements and success of Major Oil Companies, global markets and established fuel entrepreneurs. This systematic approach leads us to an effective long term product learning, identifying stronger and more stable opportunities, strong process and procedures, advanced procurement options, leading to larger profits and loyal clients globally.

Orion uses its extensive network, management expertise, as well as its global financial resources to create a sustainable supply chain apparatus for our clients based on the understanding that business models of trade involving energy should always work cohesively with the global environmental situation.

We care about the environment, and this is an underlining fact which is evident in all our transactions.

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