Core Business

Orion Petroleum has a vertically integrated business model. This starts right at the raw material stage through to customer delivery at their terminal or road tanker. 

Orion shareholders have long-standing relationships with multiple oil field owners. As well as  refineries located across many countries. This will allow us to secure a guaranteed supply of product -irrespective of geo-political situations that may affect other competitors.

Orion shareholders have on-going contracts with global refineries.   

Orion shareholders co-own logistics companies, which are used for global bulk petroleum hauling, this enables Orion Petroleum to always have supply and have flexibility in our operations to make sure that we always have the most economical logistics strategy in motion at all times.  

Orion is also currently securing it’s own terminal storage with various companies across global locations to show our customers our long term commitment and provide them with the security they demand.

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