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Our History

Orion Petroleum is a new proprietary limited Australian company, which was established to be a vertically integrated, multinational energy and commodity company. Orion is focused on the importing and exporting of oil, gas and petroleum products to new global markets leveraging from our founders established markets in South America, Middle East and Asia.

Orion Petroleum is backed by global investors and financiers, who have successfully been trading internationally within the petroleum industry for over 10 years. 

Through our global investment and financial partners, long term relationships and connections in the petroleum producing and refining industry, they have enabled Orion Petroleum to be able to source supply direct from various global refineries as well as have access to bulk logistics. This has enabled Orion to be able to be extremely competitive in trade terms to our customers. 

Orion via our team can always find solutions to our customers’ requirements and we are small enough to be highly flexible and innovative in our product supply capability. 

Orion is backed by considerable cash reserves and global assets which allows us to be a reliable refinery exporter.

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